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Why Facebook Ads: an Expert's Opinion

So why Facebook Advertising? You know that you want to scale your business but you don’t want to spend a fortune on advertising to do so. If you made a million dollars, but you had to spend over $999,000 to get to that point it wouldn’t be worth it.

In Boston the average billboard cost $23,000 for just 1 month…. Twenty-three grand!!! Imagine spending that much money every single month for people passing by in their cars to see your advertisement. If you’re advertising in a large city, sure, a lot of people will see your advertisement but only a very small percentage of those people are potential customers and you have no way to capture those leads unless they reach out to you directly. Essentially, it can really be a waste of money!

How To Get Real Results…

Facebook Ads are VERY different. You can actually target ONLY the people who you want to show your ads to. You will ONLY pay for your ideal customer to see your ads; this increases your conversion rate and decreases the amount that you have to spend to convert leads into paying customers! Since we are only showing our ads to your ideal customer, we are getting much more for your money. How awesome is that?!

Why You Need An Expert..

Just like anything else in life in order to be successful you need to be an expert or work with one…

It is our job to help you make the right decisions with your money, so that you don’t waste it! If your sales funnel, ad copy, detailed targeting, or any other marketing component isn’t top notch, you are not going to get cheap leads with high conversions, and you certainly won’t get enough sales! For All of our clients we use the most effective strategies to target potential buyers and bring on new clients and more sales for your business.

We do this by….

  • Only showing ads to people highly likely to buy or use your product or service

  • Appealing to consumer pain points, emotions, and desires to increase conversions

  • How to budget so we don’t waste your money on things that won’t bring you revenue.

Ultimately, our job is to make sure that your business is performing at its ULTIMATE best!

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